Friday, September 01, 2006

Ontario Science Centre Host. The Eighties.

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I have been scanning some old pictures from the early 80's. A time when I was a Host at the Ontario Science Centre. I guess I did turn out to be somewhat of a rocket scientist! Maybe I'm just visible on the web because I am so passionate about computers, but I don't see other people from my past out there. I don't see people participating. Just spectating. No other pictures of Hosts out there. Maybe it's time to start a trend.

My first desktop computer experience was at the Ontario Science Centre.
The OSC used Apple II computers at the time. Many hours were wasted playing Lost Treasures. Just before I left, they were buying Lisas and I saw my first computer politely announce, "that it was now safe to shutdown". During one show on computers in 1982, I discovered my first flight simulator. It was probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at the time, it was amazing. You could pilot a 747 and fly to the end of the world. In 1983, the scenery would run out before the fuel and you literally fell off the edge of the world. That was when I knew my love affair with computer would continue. Now I build custom, high performance computers just to run the latest version of X-Plane. A 60 Gigabyte installation these days. Truly unbelievable.

Perhaps my fellow science types never fully participated in the World Wide Web. Perhaps anonymity is just an accident. With sites such as Flickr, YouTube and Blogger, I am surprised that there are not more of the Hosts online. Maybe there are, and they just haven't surfaced. I would encourage my fellow Hosts to get a blog. Get some pictures up on Flickr. Start participating.

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